Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Review

April 11, 2011

I was really interested in these Tarte blushes when I first heard about them. They are long-wearing, solar-baked blushes that are supposed to last up to 12 hours. I swatched all these while I was Sephora and I have to say that they all were extremely pigmented and very smooth to the touch. I was first going to get a bright pink like the one pictured above, but decided to go the other route with the nude blush they had. 
Here is some more info on this Tarte Blush: 
This blush features the following Skinvigorating™ ingredients: 
- Vitamins A and E, two natural preservatives that act as anti-inflammatory emollients and protect against free radical damage
- Vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radical damage and prevents oxidative stress and premature signs of aging, while brightening the skin 
- Amazonian clay, a nutrient-rich, multitasking, skin-balancing clay that reduces dryness and flakiness, improves skin clarity, elasticity, firmness, and texture while removing oil from the skin's surface for smooth application and wear.

 My Review:
 Now, the first thing I wanted to test out was the wear of this blush. 12-Hour blush.. Did it really last 12 hours? I put this blush on at 8am and and it seriously lasted until 10pm when I washed it off. That was 14 hours and it didn't fade at all. Actually when I wear blush I have never had a blush fade. I don't know if has to do with skin type, but when I wear blush it stays until I take it off at night. Do you have a problem with blush fading? I'm more curious now about this. 
Moving on... I was trying to swatch this blush but it just wasn't showing up on my hand since it's Nude. So I apologize for no swatch. But it is a really pretty nude beige blush that I can really wear everyday with no problems. 

This Tarte blush goes for $25 at Sephora.

♥ Stephanie


  1. Thanks for the review on this, I love that picture thing going on there. I don't really have blush fade problems either, so I'm always surprised to see "10 hour wear blush!" stuff. xo

  2. These blushes sounds really interesting...For me blushes fade some in the summer being I get a little oiler. A nice stay put blush would be nice though...


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