Preview: OPI Femme De Cirque Spring 2011 Collection

February 25, 2011

OPI is getting set to release their Spring collection, called Femme De Cirque, this coming April. This collection consists of 4 different polishes, all very subtle and soft. If you love bold and bright colors for polish, this collection obviously won't be for you. If you do love the light and feminine shades, they will be for you!
(L-R) So Many Clowns...So Little Time; In The Spot-light Pink; I Juggle...Men; Step Right Up!
I personally tend to buy and wear sheer or soft polishes way more than I do brights, so this collection is very intriguing to me!

♥ Stephanie


  1. These colours are all gorgeous! I prefer lighter and softer polishes, but don't mind the odd bright one either.

  2. All these colours are so pretty xo


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