Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer Review

January 22, 2011

I bought this last week at Walgreens and decided to try it out. I have a lot of different nail buffers but hardly ever use them. Mainly because they end up doing the job, but that's really it. The shine on my nails is never that shiny and it will only last for about a day or two.

Revlon says:
Revolutionary nail buffer creates 400% more shine than bare nails. Buff nails to a topcoat shine in a matter of seconds…results that last for 3 days. 

My review:
I only needed to use this once in 6 days. Yes, the shine stayed on my nails for 6 days! I was super impressed and my nails looked like I had put a top coat. I like that it's over sized for easier buffing, and the shine was really amazing. My nails have been growing like crazy too. I'm not going to say from this, but I can sometimes be the typical nail biter and using this has made me stop completely. This is definitely worth it to try and have with your other nail tools.

 Have you tried this?

♥ Stephanie


  1. I LOVE IT!!! No more acrylics & refills for me! Now sporting my nails a-la-naturale & discovered this cheap but TRULY AMAZING product... where has it been all my life? ♥ it!!!

  2. This is a great product. It took no time at all to shine all my fingernails. They look so shiny like I had put a top coat on them. I don't like to paint my nails so this is the product I can use to have shiny and beautiful nails.

  3. I bought this at Walgreens, and I love it! It makes my nails so much shinier than any other buffer I've tried.

  4. ohhhh okkkk i wish i culd use this :D but im a nail biter to get rid of dat habit i keep growing my nails :D amazing review :D

  5. I saw it at Walgreens and I was not sure if it was worth it. Glad to know this is the real deal.

  6. Ooooo I haven't tried this but I think I will now...I loveee shiny nails. :)