Review - Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Mascara

January 18, 2011

I bought this a while ago at Walmart and just recently started to use it after I ran out of my HG mascara. I've been using this mascara for exactly 2 weeks now. I was going to avoid doing a review, only because there are so many already out on other blogs about Falsies Mascara. But then, since there were a few things I didn't like about it, I thought I would share. This is my opinion and my experience as always.
My review:
I actually really like the way this mascara makes my lashes look. I have long, thick, dark lashes so I'm not looking for volume or length. Every time I buy a mascara, I'm looking for something to hold curl. My lashes are super straight, so if a mascara can hold my curl all day or even half day, I'm sold. This in fact held my curl all day long from the morning until I took it off. Very impressed with Falsies and what I needed it to do. One negative I didn't like about it was some flakiness that would happen by the end of the day. I wear contact lenses and a few times the particles would go in my eyes and that was not the greatest. Another thing that I didn't like was the wand was very movable and flimsy, just hard to get used to.I'm still going to continue to use it because I do love how my lashes look.

So that is my review of Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Mascara.

What do you think of this mascara? Have you tried it?

♥ Stephanie


  1. I have this comment and really like it. It's the only mascara that I'd consider buying again. Gives me lots of volume and length.

  2. I don't have contacts so I didn't notice the flakiness issue :/ I really like this mascara!

  3. I LOVE The way it holds my curls too!! Since I have short, stubby lashes, a mascara that can hold a curl would be my "go to" mascara!!
    Also, the flakiness? I agree that's one of the worst!! I wear contacts, as well. When I started using it, my eye started to get irritated. Which sucks because I'm going to have to stop using the product. But I haven't found a mascara like this in a while!!!! :[

  4. Can I have your lashes? lol ! Mine are short, straight and thin :( Thanks for the review :) x


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