Review - Yum E'scentials Body Care

December 13, 2010

About a year ago I did a review on a few candles for a company called Yum Yum Candle. They have some of the most incredible smelling candles. Ever. Now they have expanded their line and have some body care products. Bath Bombs, Body Polish, and Whipped Body Cream are all available within their line Yum E'scentials. The products are hand made and never tested on animals. They sent me 2 products: Body Polish and Whipped Body Cream to try out and review. Here is what I thought and my honest opinion.

First: Yum E'scentials Body Polish
I was sent 7oz to sample, when you buy you get 16oz. Right away I really like the mango smell it has. The directions say to apply this in a circular motion. I did and at first it felt like any other body scrub, nothing different. But then once I started rinsing it off, it was different. It felt like there was a coat of moisturizer left on my skin. I have dry/sensitive skin, so this was great to leave my skin feeling soft, even until the next day. And the scrub wasn't too harsh either for my skin. I love the body polish more and more every time I use it.

Last: Yum E'sentials Whipped Body Cream
I didn't have the same love for the body cream as I did for the body polish. It was very creamy and left my skin feeling soft, which was great. Only downside is that it felt extremely greasy to me. I kept rubbing it in, trying to get it to soak into my skin. It eventually did, but I had to wait to get dressed so it could dry. Even what was left on my hands I had to wipe on a towel and wash off. I'm not a huge fan of greasy lotions. But it did leave my skin feeling softer than before. So it just has good and bad to it.

You can see everything they have, even their candles, here:

I hope you enjoyed this review!

♥ Stephanie


  1. I'm always on the lookout for good body scrubs, and this one sounds wonderful! I love fruity scents also so this would be a good product for me to try! :) Thanks for the review!