Cherry On Top Award!

December 27, 2010

Yay I recieved a sweet blog award from a sweet beauty blogger! This award is so cute and I am so excited to be accepting it. As always, let me get onto the rules of this award:

One - Thank the person who gave you the award:
HUGE thank you to Joann at Luckyduckyloves! Your amazing! :D

Two - Copy the award:
Yep, that's done.

Three - Explain 3 things you like to do:
- I love spending time with family and friends
- I love to blog :)
- I love to bake!

Four - Send the award to 5 blogs that you love and think deserve it:
Believe me it was hard to pick just 5 blogs! I love so many! 
Thanks again to Joann for the award :)

♥ Stephanie

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