Review - The Chronic Tonic Shampoo and Conditioner

November 14, 2010

When I find a good shampoo and conditioner, I tend to stick with it and hardly ever change. While it was hard pry me away from my usual shampoo/conditioner, I'm glad I made a switch. I was sent this product to try and I'm hooked. I can't get over how amazing it smells, I'm guessing that's where the chronic part comes in. It's addicting. 

The Chronic Tonic can be used on normal and color treated hair. It's also paraben-free, sulfate-free, and not tested on animals.

My hair is so long and thick, and it's also very heavy. So I wasn't too sure how my hair would be after once it was completely dried. I was very surprised that my hair felt so soft and had a natural shine to it. I shine that I noticed right away.

Tonic hair care products are more intended for people that are active, like swimming, surfing, etc. Even though I'm not very active other than running after my 2 year old (which is enough activity every day), I still love Tonic shampoo and conditioner. It does the job of making my hair soft and more manageable. 

♥ Stephanie

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