Review - Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara

September 26, 2010

I know what your thinking. Lashgasm? Interesting name, and a more interesting mascara. As you already might know from reading this blog before, I love Too Faced products. Let's just say if I had to pick my top 3 makeup brands, Too Faced would be in there. 

Lashgasm is one of their newest mascaras that came out with this year's Fall collection.
First of all before I get into what I think about this mascara, here is what Too Faced describes it as:
Lashgasm is a voluptuous fluffing mascara that conditions as it thickens to create dramatically long lashes with intense color. Our unique, flexible molded brush grabs lashes from all sides for a climax of length volume. ($21)

Now you do have to take into consideration, the kind of lashes I have. They are already long, so I'm not looking for length. The are pin straight, so I am looking for something that is going to give me curl and will hold that curl all day long. 

So what did I think of this mascara? I like it. Let me list some positive things about this mascara. It seemed to hold my curl longer than other mascaras. Every time I would look in the mirror to re-curl, I didn't need to. It is water-resistant which I do like, that probably helped with the curl staying power. 

Okay and of course, nothing is perfect, a few things I didn't like about it. The flexi-firm brush. The brush is actually a little bit too flexible than I would like. Could be that I'm so used to the general type of brushes, so it probably one of those "getting used to" things. But right off the bat, I made a face. And not a good one, so there you go. Also the mascara itself is a little more liquidy than others I have used. Once applied, kind of had to wait longer than my average mascara to dry.

Have you tried Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara?

♥ Stephanie

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  1. Looks interesting and yes what a name...I haven't tried it out yet...


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