Beauties Be Gone - August Empties

September 3, 2010

Hey everyone! So I thought I would do a quick post on what my empties were in August. No pics, just simple and to the point. Okay, here we go!

  • Benefit Gee.. That Was Quick! Makeup Remover - I really like this makeup remover more than most. The bottle probably lasted me a good 2 months. I did a small review of it in one of my Brand Bests. I will be repurchasing this for sure.
  •  MAC Brush Cleanser - For some reason, I always have to use this brush cleanser. I know there are so many other cheaper ways to go, but I just can't tear myself away from this stuff. Yes, will be a repurchase. Haha. For now, my trusty baby shampoo.
  •  MAC Fix + - Who doesn't love this stuff? I actually haven't run out this fast before. So a stop to MAC is definitely in the future.
  • E.L.F. Liquid Liner in Black - Not the greatest liner ever, but for the price you can't go wrong. I just didn't like that it seemed really watery. Probably won't purchase again which is a bummer.
  • EOS Lip Balm in Mint - This empty is my most saddest yet. I love the way this particular one smells. Ugh and I can't find it anywhere in my area. Sad.
  • Chanel Glossimer in Glaze - This one is so sheer, almost clear, just puts a tad pink hue to your lips. Constantly in my purse, it never leaves me. Need. More. Now.
  • Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Black -  Yes, my HG mascara is an empty. Kind of good because it's already been 3 months so time to replace. 
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance - I have many eye primers, but for some reason I reach for this one way more than all the others. I love this one, but I think it's time to go to my UDPP for a while.
  • Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, and Nail Polish Remover -  You know the drill there.

So there you go! Not sure if I should do these kind of posts every month or not. Let me know what your thoughts are!

♥ Stephanie

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