Swatches - Eyeko Nail Polishes

July 26, 2010

 This is actually my first time trying anything from Eyeko. I was always so curious about how their products work and the packaging is so cute it just sucks me in! 
 These 2 first polishes I'm about to show you are the newest polishes from Eyeko. They are completely different from each other which I love. 
Eyeko Rain Polish
 This color is absolutely one of my top 3 polishes that I have fell in love with the minute I put it on. It's a grey-blueish polish that is different than anything I own. This took a good 2 coats and I love the formula. Very smooth and easy to apply.

Eyeko Saucy Polish
Eyeko says from their website: One coat of this rich scarlet will turn your talons into hot stuff! And it is completely true! All you need is one coat and it's the most amazing true red money can buy.

Eyeko Tea Rose Polish
This is a very pink rose color which I don't tend to go for, but after seeing it on my hands it's a lovely color. This one only took one coat as well, I probably could of did another coat to make it a little more smoother. Not sure if I would "re-fill" when done, but nice color.

Eyeko Vintage Polish
Oh my lovely ladies... When I saw this color and applied it, I almost shed a tear. You cannot have more than enough polishes of this jade green of a hue. So amazingly GORGEOUS! Might just be my obsession with minty green, aqua colored things or might not, but I think everyone should own this and wear it until your half way through the bottle. Then save and cherish the other half as I would. Or just buy more. Ha! :)

Hope you enjoyed these swatches! I'm off to reapply Vintage to my naked nails :D

♥ Stephanie

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