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July 24, 2010

So I never really do any favorites posts, but I had to make an exception this time. These are products that are new to me that I have tried recently and are currently using that I have really enjoyed. So I just thought I would share. Let's begin.

Mark. Get A Tint Tinted Moisturizer Lotion ($9)
When I had purchased this, it was a total impulse. I didn’t expect it to be great or anything, just thought I would give it a try. If I didn’t like it, it wasn’t going to bother me since it was cheap. Let me tell you, I love this stuff right now! It’s very creamy but lightweight at the same time. It gives me moderate coverage, which for a tinted moisturizer is good enough. Plus I tend to have dry/sensitive skin, and this did not dry out my skin or make me breakout. Not sure how it would work if you tend to have more oily skin. Big chance it might just slide right off and not really work. For me, it’s a big love for Summer!
Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Powder ($18.50)
I only had to try this once and I was hooked. It’s the most amazing finishing powder making your skin smooth and flawless. It does not give off a shimmer, more of a translucent glow if you will. This works wonders if you have oily skin, or an oily T-zone. My skin as I said before tends to be dry and this product still works for me. It can also be used as a primer and a finishing powder. I use it as both for better results.

Napoleon Perdis Protégé Lip Gloss
 This is the most amazing coral colored lip gloss. Ever. And it has a minty flavor inside which I love. Only sad thing is this was limited edition so if I ever run out that would be a bummer.
 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero
 Since summer is here, I replaced my liquid liner with this eye pencil. I simply cannot use liquid liner right now with this kind of weather. It gets smudgy, and tends to fade with it being so hot, so I just don't use it right now. I love this one by Urban decay because I can build up the color when I want. If I want it darker, I add more. Lighter then just light strokes. And it goes no where which is great.
 So this was just a quick and simple post about my favorites right now.

What is one of your favorite products right now for Summer? Share in a comment below!

♥ Stephanie

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