Blog Award!

April 9, 2010

Yay I received a blog award! This time from Mari at Makeup By Mari. Big thanks to her and make sure you check her out!
You must award this to 12 other bloggers and let them know you awarded them. Then you have to say 10 things you like.
So I'm going to start with 10 things I like:
- I like long walks on the beach... lol jk I like to go to the movies.
- I like to go shopping. A lot.
- I like to get to know new people.
- I like to take pictures.
- I like to exercise. 
- I like to hang out with friends.
- I like to blog. 
- I like to take my daughter to the park.
- I like to obsess over my blackberry. lol
- I like to text. A little too much. 

Now to pass this award on. My 12 blogger picks are:
1. Sara at The Makeup Snob
2. Nicole at Magic Maid
3. Phyrra at Fresco Phyrra
5. Jessica at Out In a Pout 
6. Vanessa at Vans makeup ride
7. Stephanie at Juju Jewelry   
10. Amy at The Beauty Chick
11. Ashleye at Glamorous Creations
12. Erika at The Glamorous Gleam 
So there we have it! If I gave you this award leave me a comment with the link! I would love to read it! =)

♥ Stephanie


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