China Glaze Poolside Swatches

March 17, 2010

Hey everyone! It has been so hot over here in Cali, and it honestly already feels like summer time. This is the perfect time to be swatching China Glaze Poolside polishes. Now just know, these colors are TRUE neon. Some were a little harder to photograph then others. I always check to see if others were having a little trouble with the photography, and some were. So it's not just me. Alright let's dive right in!

Pool Party
The most gorgeous neon pink! Ever!

Sun Worshiper
This is one of them that was extremely hard to photgraph. It's a bright neon orange, and applying it was kind of streaky and hard to work with. But if you get it right, it's an amazing color.

Towel Boy Toy
A brilliant neon blue. I am so drawn to blue nail polish, and I rarely wear it. I would definitely wear this one everyday if I could. 

Kiwi Cool-Ada
Neon green. Way more bright than photographed, but this was as close as I could get. 

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Another stubborn polish. This one is obviously a neon yellow. It kept photographing dull and almost banana yellow looking, which is what it is NOT even close to. It was not going on like I thought it would. It was another streaky one. You can't tell, but in person you could still see my nails underneath after 4 coats.

Flip Flop Fantasy
This one is a neon coral. My picture came out a little more to the orange side. And the polish is an amazing true coral color. 

So in my opinon, the must get polishes out of these are: Pool Party, Towel Toy Boy, and Sun Worshiper. They are so amazing and I love the way they look! The one in the middle is Flip Flip Fantasy, and good one to get also. The one last to the list would be Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Way too hard to apply and very thin polish.  
China Glaze Poolside will launch April 1st, 2010, international and domestic.

So what you think? Which ones jump out at you and say you must own them? Let me know! 

♥ Stephanie

These were provided by China Glaze for review and swatches.


  1. aha aww i wish i knew somewhere to buy these in england!!! and flip flop fantasy looks sooo perfect:)

    i gave you this award btw so check the post:)


  2. These are so pretty. I love Towel Boy Toy and Flip Flop fantasy x

  3. Definitely the most gorgeous pink I've ever seen!

  4. sunworshipper is on my must have list!!!

  5. I need sun worshipper in my life! Such a hot color!

  6. Thosse are all gorgeous! Love the swatches!!

  7. oooo awesome! i want the coral, the yellow, and the pink.
    I think the stubborn colors would work better with a coat or two of white polish underneath!

  8. Thanks for all the comments everyone! Means a lot knowing I'm not an expert at swatching polishes! :D

  9. I love super bright colors!! I hate when my polish doesn't photgraph right, it happens a lot w brights!

  10. These are all so gorgeous. I love neons in the summer. BTW your new layout is totally cool!

  11. wow those colors are hot! Summer ready!

  12. OMG, each one is prettier than the next. I don't even know where to start with this collection. lol. Thanks for all the beautiful swatches. :D

  13. Sun worshipper is my fave but they all look darlng!

  14. Sun worshipper looks amazing! Actually all of them look amazing! Ugh can't wait to get my hands on these :)

  15. Ilove those colors espcially the blue one!!

  16. Wow, I love bright, funky nailcolors! I'd have to say, my faves are Sun Worshipper (orange) and Towel Boy Toy (blue).

  17. These polish colors are beautiful! Lovely!!


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