Poolside this Summer with China Glaze

February 24, 2010

I'm sure almost everyone is ready to leave this winter weather behind and get ready for some sun! These are perfect for summertime. Of course you need the right mani and pedi to start off your perfect summer days. I can't wait to dip into these amazing neons from China Glaze. 

The 6 colors of the collection include:
Pool Party - Neon Pink
Flip Flop Fantasy - Neon Coral
Sun Worshipper - Neon Orange
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - Neon Yellow
Kiwi Cool-Ada - Neon Green
Towel Boy Toy - Neon Blue

These neons will be pure neon, no matte here. They will be bright, fun, and dazzling!

China Glaze Poolside will launch April 1st, 2010, international and domestic.

What do you think? Which color is your favorite? Let me know! 

♥ Stephanie


  1. Ouuu!! I think those look fantastic!
    I definetly want to purchase those :)
    and I'm sOO ready to leave winter and snow and cold behind !

  2. I'm dying to get Sun Worshipper--I saw a pic and it looks amazing!

  3. I cant wait for the sun to come out again! im for florida and in DC now so super cold :/
    Where can I get this set of China!!??

    xoxo suzanna

  4. Those are too cute!


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