Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Glosses

February 20, 2010

Hey everyone!
So these lip glosses really caught my eye and got me curious about how good they are. These are part of Milani's biggest product launch ever. They even have 3D nail polishes, new colored liquid liners, and HD concealer. 

They have 5 different colors available at CVS, but online they have 7 colors. There is a blue (Movie Star) and orange (Stylish) that I believe are only available online. At my CVS, they didn't have those 2. 

So I bought 3 colors:

In Vogue - Red with pink sparkles
Designer Label - Nude Peach with pink and gold sparkles
Starshine - Purple with iridescent and pink sparkles

My Review:
First off, they have a brush! Woo! I love lip glosses that have a brush instead of a sponge. They are thick, which I like, and smooth at the same time. The shine is ridiculous! So incredibly shiny that looks really amazing when the light hits them. 

In Vogue - It's very bright and brilliant. This one is for the bold. My best red lip gloss that I own. 

Designer Label - More of a nude but with a lot of shimmer. Love it.

Starshine - Like a baby pink with a hint of purple in it. Great when you want a little more of a color on your lips, but not overpowering.

So I hope this helps you if you have seen them in your stores! I actually want to buy all of them! 

♥ Stephanie


  1. In Vogue looks SO PRETTY, the packaging is a little gaudy though =/

  2. I love in vogue. It's almost verging on a pink, so pretty.

  3. Wish wish wish we had milani in the uk! :'( all three look gorgeous!!xx

  4. They are gorgeous! I love lipglosses!

  5. I heard they were really close dupes for mac dazzleglasses, designer label a dupe for bare neccesity, in vogue for love alert, and fashion diva for funtabulous. so that's interesting! :)

  6. the colours are very gorgeous, thanks for sharing :)
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