Brand Bests #3 - Too Faced Cosmetics

February 21, 2010

Here we go onto the third brand bests! This time is Too Faced Cosmetics. I'm a really big fan of their products, and I think it's because I always love the packaging and quality is really good. Know that this is from my experience with each item that I have loved from each brand. This is my opinion. 

Okay so enough of the little disclaimer, let's get to the good stuff! =D

Too Faced Shadow Duos

I would rather buy these then their single eyeshadows since they come with 2 colors. They are really pigmented depending how light or deep you want each color. You can you these wet or dry also which is great. I like to take these on the go with me if I ever need a touch-up.

Too Faced Mini Lash Injection
I love this mascara. It makes my lashes curled and stayed curled all day long. It's also waterproof and I love the mini size to take with you. Never smudges or flakes. and for $8.50? Great price for a great product.

Too Faced Mood Swing Lip Glosses
I only have the original one, which turns from clear to pink. But now they have 3 other ones that are color changing as well. I really want to try the rest. But I really like the original because it's extremely shiny and fun. They also have jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E for hydrating and soothing your lips. Which I need because I have really sensitive lips.

TFSI. I am constantly grabbing for this primer the most for all my shadow needs. My eye shadow never creases, stays put, and makes my shadow more vibrant. I like that it is a squeeze tube because it's more sanitary for when you do makeup on others. Amazing stuff =D

Here were my brand bests!
*What are your brand bests from Too Faced? Share below!*

*any other makeup brands I haven't covered that you want me to? Let me know below!*

♥ Stephanie


  1. This is one brand that I haven't tried out and I am dying to! Thanks for the info..definitely might have to try them out now

  2. I absolutely LOVE their brightening blushes! I can't wait to pick up the new one!

  3. I have their Sparkle glosses, which apparently are really really similar to MAC's dazzleglass. They have this amazing iridescence to them, so they look awesome over a lipstick.

  4. I love love LOVE TFSI! <3 I also really like their sparkle glamour glosses.

  5. Oh, nice! I have a few of their shadows and I definitely really like them. :) I haven't tried the mascara, but for $8.50, I should totally give it a try. I was also really interested in the Mood Swing glosses when the original came out, but I never tried it. The formulation sounds divine and I'd be all up for checking it out. And as for TFSI? Love love LOVE the tube. Great post! :D Just added some more things to my list!!! ♥

  6. thanks for sharing. I really wanna try the too faced shadow insurance coz my udpp didnt work for me but they pretty much have the same ingredients so i dunno :/

  7. Too Faced has been my IT brand for the past 6 years! I'm glad it's getting all the recognition it deserves :)

    favorite Too Faced product? Besides, SUN BUNNY and their eyeshadow duos, I'd have to go with their teddy bear hair synthetic brushes! <3

  8. i hope we have too faced in our country.
    but i have heard great reviews about this brand so if ever tf becomes available in our local market, i would definitely buy that lass injection and the eye primer.

  9. Thanks for sharing, to be honest I've never been interested in trying anything of theirs beyond TFSI :)

  10. I have had a Two Faced lipgloss in the past but thats it. I haven't seen those mood swing ones before, they sound good! xx

  11. I have the lipbalm and the 'second base' eyeshadow base. They are both great! Id really like to try more products though, I can only get them off the net though so its abit trickier!xx

  12. Hey there. I use the eyeshadow insurance. LOVE it!

  13. I like too faced, I think they have some great palettes and the cutest packaging! :)

  14. hey girl! love your blog, i was just sneaking around in it! soo cute! im a new follower and a new blogger! you can visit/follow me at

    xoox suzanna

  15. hmmm i never tried tooface cosmetics.. i needa go sephora and smack it on me. haha :D


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