Brand Bests #2 - Urban Decay

February 12, 2010

Hey everyone! So here is the second Brand bests which will be Urban Decay. I bought my first Urban Decay eye shadow back in high school. Didn't know much about the brand, just wanted an eye shadow. I also actually don't have that many Urban Decay Products, but what I do have I love. Know that this is from my experience with each item that I have loved from each brand.  This is my opinion. Also I'm going to pick items that are not limited edition, so you can always buys these products in store or online.

Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadows

I really love these eye shadows more than their original ones. You get way more shadow and the color payoff is amazing. I also like how each one has a unique piece of art inspired by street art, graffiti, and graphic design. Plus if you don't have a mirror, it comes with one. 

I don't usually buy a lot of mascaras, but I seem to buy this more now ever since I tried it. My lashes are long and straight, so length is already in my favor. But my lashes don't hold curl. Every time I wear this mascara, it makes my lashes more curled and they actually stay. I love it.

These are the most amazing eye pencils ever! They are so smooth and creamy when you apply them and stay on all day long until your ready to remove. Even a better plus, is they are waterproof! I always use the eye pencil in Zero for tight lining and if I'm going to line my waterline. Best investment from Urban Decay. If you get one thing from them, it's these. 

Lastly, but definitely not least, the primer potion. Of course everyone should know about this, and own at least one bottle. I have about 3 for now and love it. Makes my eye shadow stay all day long without any creasing or smudging. No more to really say but amazing stuff.

So these are my brand bests!
What are your Urban Decay Bests?

♥ Stephanie


  1. LOVE the 24/7 liners as well as their lipstick....

  2. I'm still an UD newbie.. They just recently opened a store in my country, so i hope to catch the UD primer potion =]

  3. I absolutely LOVE the primers (although lately I switched to TFSI for the packaging...but I might be going back!), the eyeshadows (pigmentation is so WOW!), and the liners (they're the only things that stay on me). I haven't tried the mascara yet, but this gives me even more reason to go for it. Great post! ♥

  4. Urban Decay is definitely one of top favorite brands for eyeshadow. Have you tried Too Faced? I think they are really good too.

  5. I really want to try the eye pencils! & I love the UDPP XO

  6. hello stephanie. happy valentines to you =)

    i wonder when i would be having an opportunity to own an urban decay, ud is not available in my country =(

  7. I love the 24/7 liners, and that first shadow looks a gorgeous colour! xx

  8. The 24/7 liners and the palettes are DEFINITELY worth the money! eeee!

  9. Great stuff! I tried zero once and I love it!


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