Nailene Nails Review

November 13, 2009

Hello everyone! So first off, just want to say HI to all my new followers! WOW can't believe I have 415 readers. amazing! Thanks to everyone for loving my blog. I love writing, it seems to come naturally for me =).

So before I start getting to lovey, this post is a review on Nailene Nails. I have to admit this is my first time trying press-on nails. Everytime I used to either get a manicure or go and spend $20 or more on acrylic nails. Doubt I will be doing any of those options anytime soon, because I am really liking these nails.

Here are a few pics:

I didn't know what else to "clutch", so I chose my new clutch purse. HA! But you can see how natural they look! It took me about 10 minutes to complete them on both hands.

These are the nails that I used:

Nailene's Light-As-Air Nails in Medium Length/Square Shape

Now these ones are a really good length and I love if I'm going out and never got a manicure for the longest time, I can easily put these on and go.

So hope you enjoyed! And also let me know:
Have you tried press on nails or these ones? What are your likes/dislikes?
Let me know!
I adore reading everyone's comments!

♥ Stephanie


  1. I have tried on press on nails when I was younger. My mom wouldn't let me get my nails done at the salon so this was the closest thing. The only thing I didn't like when I was younger was the glue I would always put too much. I am thinkin of giving these press ons another try since I think I will do a better job now than when I was younger.

  2. They look great! Maybe I will give them a try!

  3. They look amazing! I haven't worn stick on nails for absolutely years, I can remember being fifteen and ramming them down my dry, bitten, cuticles to make myself look a bit mroe grown up. Eeek! I have been contemplating the idea of trying them out again recently though.

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  8. It looks so natural and pretty. I have to admit that I've never tried press-on nails as I'm afraid of the damage it might do to my nail beds but I'm super tempted to try =P

  9. I've never tried press ons either,i I usually just have an acrylic overlay but I might be interested to try them!!