Urban Decay Shadow Box Swatches

October 13, 2009

Hey Lovelies! I don't own a lot of Urban Decay so I was super excited to get this shadow box. I have to admit that now I am addicted and want everything! I personally love this box because of the amazing and vibrant colors. Here are some pictures.

The whole set includes:
6 eye shadows named:
Top Row: Snatch, Mildew, Flash
Bottom Row: PainKiller, Smog, Toasted
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
Mini Shadow Primer Potion
For = $30! Worth it!

Here are swatches:

In person, Pain Killer is the brightest blue I have! It is beyond vibrant! I love all of them though. Looks coming soon =D

Hope you beauties and doing fab!

♥ Stephanie


  1. can't wait to see you put them on!

  2. I wish I went to the UD party! :(
    I just got this palette in the mail- can't wait to try it out!!

  3. Gorgeous! I love Snatch and Toasted.

  4. UD PARTY?? I looove Urban Decay...they're so not as expensive in the UK than in the states so I'm going to stock up.

  5. Cute! I saw it at Sephora yesterday, it's super small. lol

  6. Awesome box. I don't own any Urban Decay but I think I'll have to look into it now.

  7. I so want this but I won't be getting it...It looks so amazing...

  8. omg i LOVE urban decay!! i wanted to get this palette but i realized i already have most of the shades. have u seen the book of shadows vol. II? SOOOO PRETTY.

  9. The colors are really beautiful. I have to add that one to my makeup collection!


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