Maybelline Waterproof Pulse Perfection Mascara

September 24, 2009

Hey gorgeous girls! Here is my review of the Pulse Perfection in waterproof.

Claims it will:
- Luscious Thickness
- Luxurious Length
- Smooth Seperation
- Intense Color
- Shapely Curve
- Healthy Luster
- Zero Clumps

What I think:
Now I don't know about all those fancy words. A little too much for me. But I will give you some solid truth.
- Did thicken my lashes
- Curl has stayed all day! :)
- Does seperate my lashes
- No clumping at all

And another thing that wasn't negative or positive. With the vibration, it was tickling my lashes, if that makes any sense. I just have to get used to it. All in all I would buy it again. I usually pay $40 for mascara, so this is a way better buy in my eyes.

                 Before                                                                          After

What do you think? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! ♥


  1. ya, i could see the lengthening effect. I wana try this one!

  2. i can deffff see the length. i think i want to try it too.

  3. looks like it separated your lashes really well!

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  5. i came back and read your post..i kinda got confused.
    well i just wanted to let you know that they do have it in waterproof.i found it at walmart today.

  6. i've got the normal one...but i don't think they have the waterproof one out in the UK yet...
    *sob* so i was forced to get the normal tickles my lashes too! I was like laughing and i did my bottom lashes...and i think it kinda weighs down my lashes a little bit. But will need to wear for a few more days before reaching a verdict! =)