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April 16, 2011

Brand Bests #14 - Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics

This time around I'm featuring Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics for my next Brand Bests post. I have to say that the products are a bit pricey, but well worth the price they are in my opinion. All the products I have used from Napoleon Perdis have been some of the best quality and I always love the packaging. So these are just a few products that are simply the best. Also so there is no confusion, this is Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics and not NP Set Cosmetics that you see at Target. As always, these are my favorites based on my experience with each product from this certain brand.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer ($39.00)
This is my most favorite face primer that I have used. It's cooling as soon as you put it on and I love that it has Chamomile in it to calm my skin. I did a complete review of it here, so I'm not to go into full detail about it. I still have about half left and I will be buying this once I run out. I don't mind paying the price for this primer.

Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol ($50.00)
Okay, now I know what you must be thinking... $50 for a blush?! And I do agree that this is way over priced for a blush. I was lucky enough to win my Napoleon Perdis products from a giveaway and I don't know if I could say that I would really pay that much either. BUT, it is on my Brand Bests post for a reason. I don't own anything close to this, it is beyond gorgeous. This is a 2-in-1 blush and bronzer and when I wear this, it is all I need for my cheeks. It gives me an amazing glow with contouring as well. It's hard to explain, but I love the way it looks. I get compliments and people asking me what I have on my cheeks every time I wear this blush. You decide if that's a price for you or not.

Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veils ($20.00)
These are around my budget for a lipgloss and well worth it too. These make my lips super smooth and hydrated while still being a gloss. Super shiny with a bit of color, they are made to be on the sheer side. To me, they are not sticky at all. I've used some super sticky glosses and these are more slippery but they will stay. If that makes sense. 

Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara ($22.00)
I almost forgot how much I love the way this mascara makes my lashes look. They way the wand bends helps to push my lashes up as I'm applying, keeping them curled. The one I have is in Super Black and it is definitely darker than other mascaras but that's what I love about it. It's not clumpy or goopy, it gives a great application with no mess.

You can find all these products on their website,

♥ Stephanie
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  1. I have never tried any of these before...Sound like great products. I would love to try that mascara....