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August 31, 2009

Overall Beauty

While we wait on the contest to finish, how about a new post? Haha. I'm so sorry I have been gone for so long. too long! Work has been busy.. and Laila and I have adjusted, so it's all good now :)

I actually won one of Kim Snyder's Twitter giveaways she had. So once I recieved the overall beauty mineral products I figured I would do a little review and let everyone know more about her website.

Your online beauty store offering delights to pamper every part of you from makeup, to skin care, to bath and body.

I'm really loving the website. It offers different brands such as BB Couture Nail Polishes, Magic Lash, Overall Beauty Minerals, and much more. My swatches came out not too well, sorry about that :/

The colors I got were:

Ivory Lace - Very light beige

Buttercup - Golden light brown with shimmer

Camelot - Soft Peach

Night Wisp - Light Tan Perfect for highlight under the brow

Sun Goddess - Close to a Matte Brown. One of my favorites. I'm really loving matte colors right now.

Chameleon - Rich Dark Brown with Green Shimmer! If you plan on trying these, ORDER THIS ONE! You will never find a match to this one. It's so unique.

So the price for each eye shadow is $7.99, but the great thing is you can order samples of any color you want for $1.50! I recommend buying chameleon and others as samples first so you can give them a try.

Just a side note to you Nail Polish Lovers, Overall beauty is offering a free BB Couture Matte Top Coat when you buy 3 or more Nail Polishes! everyone needs a matte top coat for fall. I love it! :D

I hope everyone checks out overall beauty. Here are some links:



5 comments on "Overall Beauty"
  1. i <3 the shimmer in the shadows you swatched. :) and congrats on your win!

  2. have you tried their matte top coat yet? i always wanted one :)

  3. the colors look so pretty and natural =]
    thanks for sharing